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Černý Důl, Krkonoše

Surroundings - Where to go?

The Krkonoše Mountains offer plenty of natural beauty, which can be visited any time of the year. You can find very difficult hikes as well as gentle walks for families with children and baby carriages. There are also restaurants and shops near the apartments.

Places to visit

Mount Sněžka

This is the highest mountain in the Krkonoše mountain range as well as in the Czech Republic. It is 1603 meters above sea level. There are many hiking, cross-country, and bicycle trails that lead up to Sněžka – in addition to an aerial lift with cabins, which starts in Pec pod Sněžkou. The mountain’s bare, rocky peak offers visitors an amazing panoramic view of the countryside on both Czech and Polish sides and of the entire Krkonoše Mountains.

The Labe river source

Whoever sets out to tour the Krkonoše Mountains and admire their natural setting should not forget a trip to the source of the largest Czech river, the Labe. The Labe’s source is one of the most popular tourist spots in the Krkonoše. When you reach the source, the first thing you see is a ring forming a stone well with water flowing into and out of it, surrounded by well-tended, paved surroundings.

Pančavský vodopád

Pančavský vodopád is one of the most famous waterfalls in the Krkonoše mountains. Our tallest waterfall drops from the meadow of Pančavská louka to the Labský důl valley. Here, there is a beautiful view of Labský důl, and together with the waterfall Labský vodopád, it is a popular attraction. Pančavský vodopád is 148 meters high and runs from 1298 to 1150 meters above sea level. It can expand to become up to 162 meters long depending on the season.

Obří důl

One of the most beautiful valleys in the Krkonoše Mountains, you can find it at the foot of Mount Sněžka, which provides an exquisite view of the valley. In the immense, picturesque mountain valley of Obří důl you can find the area called the Krakonoš’s Garden, where many rare flowers grow.

Mumlavské vodopády

Mumlavské vodopády, or the Murmuring Waterfalls, are among the largest and most beautiful waterfalls in the Czech Republic. The waterfalls occupy a whole stream bed and create a huge cauldron in the granite rock, called the Devil’s Eye.

Labská bouda

The Labská Bouda Hotel is a favorite stop for sightseers heading to the Labe Source. Labská Bouda stands in the spot where in 1830, a simple stone and bark hut was supposed to have stood, from which a hardworking woman sold goat cheese, milk, and beads.

Mužské kameny and Dívčí kameny

On the ridgeway trail along the Czech-Polish border, there are two rocky outcrops – Dívčí kameny and Mužské kameny, translated as the Maiden Rocks and the Man Rocks. Both provide beautiful views to the Czech and Polish countryside and are a frequent stop on hiking trails.

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